A Strategic Association for HR Certification Programs

In its continuous efforts to build a solid HR Consultancy platform as well as achieve its vision of becoming a trusted regional Middle Earth HRHR Consulting partner for clients across the Middle East, Handover Consulting has recently signed an Association agreement with Middle Earth HR (MEHR) to facilitate and host their specialized HR Certification Programs in the Middle East.

Middle Earth HR is one of the largest specialized HR training, education and knowledge support companies worldwide and is considered to be the 7th largest HR Training firm. Since its foundation in 1996, MEHR has trained more than 35,000 HR professionals from all levels across the globe and also has partnered with more than CAMI Research1,000 companies in their HR training and development programs. MEHR has developed a number of HR Certification Programs in association with Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI), a global research body operating in the United States with the objective of conducting researches and development of special subjects in Human Resources. These certification programs are being delivered to HR professionals by MEHR and are then provided with internationally accredited certification by CAMI. MEHR currently conducts over 400 programs globally and train over 8,000 HR
professionals every year.

Signing this agreement with Middle Earth HR will allow Handover Consulting to expand these HR Certification Programs across the Middle East, optimize the competencies of HR professionals in the region, and qualify HR professionals with internationally accredited certifications.

For more details on the list of these HR Certification Programs as well as their schedules, please visit the link below:



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