We have extensive experience and capabilities in supporting you with your various on-going Recruitment requirements. Our Recruitment Consulting services include:

Executive Search
as part of these services we support clients in sourcing and headhunting for qualified candidates for senior management and specialist positions. We use unmatched approaches in sourcing for the right candidates through our huge database of applicants, our recruitment partners, social media, as well as headhunting for passive candidates. We ensure throughout the process that you are provided with up to date status reports supported by standardized templates of candidate profiles. Read more

Job Descriptions
our recruitment specialists have gained unique skills and follow structured approaches for developing tailored Job Descriptions based on their extensive experience in conducting Job Analysis and Benchmarking exercises. We ensure during these exercises to provide our clients with a set of Job Descriptions covering all the positions while ensuring the consistency, alignment, and integration of all these documents. Read more

Career Portal Hosting
we are proud to be the first company to provide a cloud-based Career Portal hosting solution to employers that has the capability to integrate with their social media pages and much more. Read more

Psychometric Testing Tools
we have associated with a number of multinational companies specialized in providing psychometric tools that shall help companies in assessing the skills/personalities of candidates/employees during recruitment, performance management, promotions, succession planning, career development, etc. Contact us

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