On-Boarding Checklist Template

Ensuring a proper on-boarding process of new joiners is very critical as it is the first impression the employee perceives about the company’s professionalism and process orientation. I had previously joined a number of companies where nothing was prearranged or prepared on my first joining date to the company which had left a significant bad impression. This is also one of the key reasons why employees tend to leave companies on their first 3 months of employment.

It is one of the key roles of the HR Department to ensure smooth on-boarding and adaptation of new joiners to the company. We highly recommend HR Departments to ensure prior planning and readiness for the on-boarding of new joiners. A simple on-boarding checklist can make things much easier.

We have accordingly provided below a suitable on-boarding checklist template to be used for this purpose. You will need to review the document and ensure the applicability of every items and make modifications and additions appropriately.

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