Employment Contract Template

Employment Contracts are one of the highly critical and sensitive documents that are prepared by the HR Department and which need to be prepared accurately as they define the employment terms with new employees and have many legal implications.

However, as many HR Departments do not use a system auto generated Employment Contracts and heavily rely on manual documents, the process of preparation and review of the drafts are time consuming. Each time the HR Department prepares a new Employment Contract they would have to review the whole document to ensure that all the terms are consistent and specific to the new employee and position. Yet in many occasions the HR Department would miss out few things resulting in too many review iterations and in some cases, some errors and inconsistencies would go unnoticed, be approved, and the employee would sign the contract.

To avoid such hassle and embarrassment and simplify the document preparation process, we have prepared an Employment Contract Template that addresses all of these issues. The document has a front page in which you would need to place the terms and conditions specific to the new employee and position and once completed you would press on the Update Contract button and the document would basically reflect the information you have entered in its correct place in the template automatically. We have reflected on the front page the key terms used by most companies. The template is prepared in English as well as Arabic languages as most companies in the Middle East use both of these languages. The current terms in the document are based on the Jordanian labor law and accordingly you will need to review them and make changes as applicable to your country.

If you are planning to use this template at your company, we suggest that you follow the below steps to make sure the document works best for your specific needs. You will need to do these steps only one time in order to formalize the template for your company and once the contract template is approved, you would then just need to update the front page information for every new employee.

  • Review the whole document thoroughly
  • Make changes, as required, in the terms and conditions of the template to be applicable to your company, your policies, and the labor law of your country
  • Change the reference number and revision date in the footer as appropriate
  • Change the name and title of the Authorized Signatory in the front page

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